SGT University’s Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, CLC, and Fashion & Design Hosts Magnificent Farewell Ceremony “DASVIDANIYA” Celebrating Graduates’ Achievements and Friendships

Goodbyes are never easy, especially when they mark the end of a memorable chapter in our lives. On Friday, July 2, 2023 Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, Centre for Languages and Communication, and Faculty of Fashion and Design in an ambiance of nostalgia and appreciation organized a farewell party to bid adieu to their senior batch whose presence has graced our halls with brilliance, resilience, and a kaleidoscope of cherished memories, expressing gratitude for the guidance and support of their teachers.

The program started with an auspicious lamp lighting, Saraswati Vandana. Prof. Sushil Manav, Dean of the Faculty of mass communication and Media Technology, Prof. M. K Nair, Dean of Faculty of Fashion and Design, and Dr. Sarju Devi, HOD, Centre for Languages and Communication welcomed and encouraged the students in their respective speeches. Dr. Shruti Sharma, Advisor, Faculty of Fashion and Design addressed the students and wished them luck for their future endeavors. Post inaugural ceremony, students gave electrifying performances. The performances were judged by Dr. Shipra Kumari, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Dr. Jaslien Chhatwal, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, and Ms. Divya Sharma, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Fashion and Design. All the Faculty Members from all three Faculties attended the program and enjoyed it thoroughly.

For the first performance anchors invited Lalit from the Faculty of Fashion and Design for a solo dance performance which filled the ambiance with energy which was followed by poetry by Debasmit from the Centre for Languages and Communication with the central theme of teachers and their roles in shaping each and every student. It was heartwarming poetry which expressed gratitude towards teachers. There was another poetry by Kirti from the Faculty of Fashion and Design which was again heartfelt and centered around friendships, a gift we get to choose throughout our different phases of life.

The program then welcomed a singing performance by Uttkarsha from the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology which was melodious to our ears and we could feel the happiness and gratitude towards the institution in the melodious voice of our students. Following it was few more dance performances from Tannu, Shikha, and Kanchan which imbibed the ambiance with different emotions and energies the happiness of completing one phase of life could be felt through student’s performances. Anchors then invited a stand-up comedy by Ritesh who in comic ways talked about his classmates where he was able to effortlessly connect with the audience, eliciting uproarious laughter and creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Next, we also had a dance by Nishtha and Jayesh, this dance performance blended the skills of the senior and junior, it was a mesmerizing display of harmony, grace, and synchronicity leaving the audience captivating. There was a group dance from students of Fashion which was a breath-taking spectacle of unity and creativity. The energy, coordination, and synchronized movements of the entire group were simply mesmerizing. There was also a dance from Lalit and Nikita that left the audience in awe.

The ramp walks performed by each faculty respectively, during the farewell were a dazzling display of style, confidence, and elegance. Each individual showcased their unique personality and fashion sense, captivating the audience with their graceful strides and poise. The attention to detail in their outfits, coupled with their charisma on the runway, made for a truly memorable and glamorous spectacle. The ramp walks were a testament to the participants’ impeccable sense of fashion and their ability to command the stage with utmost grace. Senior students got special titles from their immediate junior batch and the university gifted each student with a memento a beautiful token of appreciation and remembrance which will serve as a tangible reminder of the invaluable experiences, knowledge, and friendships we have gained during our time at the university.

In the end, special titles of the day were announced and winners were awarded with prizes and gifts. All the students were awarded with Momentos. It was indeed a memorable farewell for both the students and faculty members.

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