Au Revoir-2023: Embracing New Horizons, Cherishing Old Bonds


A spectacular event was hosted by the talented students of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) 3rd
year and Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) 1st year to bid farewell to their esteemed peers in the BPT
4th year and MPT 2nd year.  The event commenced with a mesmerizing ramp walk by the BPT
4th Year and MPT 2nd Year students, who left the audience in awe. The presence of Dr. Pooja Anand
, Dean, Faculty of Physiotherapy graced the occasion and shared her wisdom and well wishes
with the graduating batch. Her presence served as a reminder of the student’s accomplishments and
the bright future that awaited them. The audience was enthralled by a series of breathtaking
performances by the talented students, including soulful singing, captivating dances, and impressive
group acts. Participants also engaged in exciting games, adding a touch of fun and camaraderie to
the event. May the bonds formed and the memories shared during Au Revoir 2023 be cherished as
these students embark on new horizons.

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