The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, SGT University organised a five-day “FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM”

The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, SGT University organized a five-day FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM on the theme “INNOVATION IN HEALTH SCIENCES: CHALLENGES AND FUTURE TRENDS” from 13th – 17th February, 2023. The theme of the 4 th day (16 th Feb 2023) of the FDP was ‘Scientific Writing and Project Development’. Scientific writing is the most important means for communicating one’s scientific idea/work. But how can we do effective scientific project writing for getting funds from various funding agencies? This was the main subject of discussion of the day. Three talks were organized on the 4 th day of the FDP. Prof Suhel Parvez, Department of Medical Elementology and Toxicology, Jamia Hamdard, started the session with his talk. He spoke extensively about the various funding opportunities available in basic, medical and translational science research. He also apprised the listeners about the important things to consider while writing a research proposal for funding. 2 nd talk of the day was by Dr Geetha R Menon, Scientist E, ICMR-NIMS. She outlined, when and how meta-analysis can be done following a systematic review. Meta-analysis is an important technique for qualitative analysis of data as it enhances the understanding of the contextual dimensions of health care. Meta-analysis not only precisely provides an estimate of the effect size but also increases the generalizability of individual study results. 3 rd talk was by Dr Meenakshi Munshi, Director, R & D, SGT University. She emphasized about the do’s and don’ts while writing a research grant. She highlighted salient points related to individual and muti-disciplinary grant writing. She also explained the different steps adopted by funding agencies for project screening and sanctions.

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