The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences organises a visit to a Community Center and a Govt School at Farrukhnagar.

On 27 th April 2023, 13 trainee clinical psychologists from the Department of Clinical
Psychology, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences went to Farrukhnagar and visited a Community
Center and a Govt School. The team interacted with local population at Saini Dharmshala
and spread the general awareness about importance of mental health and prevailing trends on
the subject. Pamphlets highlighting various facets of mental health were distributed.
Clarification on various queries by audience were given by the team members. The major
psychological issues in the population were found to be psychosomatic diseases, depression
and anxiety. The participants were encouraged to seek the treatment during follow up visits.
Later the team moved to Govt Model Sanskriti Sr Sec School. There the team interacted with
school Principal, teachers and students. The major problems faced by the students are
academic difficulties, anxiety and emotional and behavioural issues. The individual cases will
be seen in follow up visits. The response from the students in the school was very
encouraging. They showed lot of inquisitiveness and wanted to have such interactions
regularly. The principal also suggested to prepare mental health profile of students for which
he would draw out a comprehensive plan.

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