Workshop to upskill admission counselling team held in SGT University

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, February 4

SGT University Gurugram organised a training workshop to upskill its Admission Counselling Team on February 3, 2022. The workshop focussed on the need and steps that an education counsellor may take to educate Parents and aspiring students. The program was interactive, which allowed the counsellors to assess their counselling skills and use them for providing appropriate guidance as per student’s interests. The workshop stressed the need to know the student’s aspiration, their intent, motivation, ability, and most importantly the professional interest that can pull them towards success in completing the course at SGT University.

The program was conducted by Dr Rajesh Arora, Dean, Commerce and Management along with his experienced faculty of the department to train 60 audience. The full-day program gave deep insight into how students’ expectations matter and how a university can explore opportunities to augment its services for students’ benefit. The workshop also focussed on the point of reference selling and the need to build good relationships and relevance of creativity and lateral thinking to ensure counsellors are multiscale to take a stretch of efforts dealing with a variety of Aspiration.

Prof Vikas Dhawan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, SGT University inaugurated the session and stressed the need to share the message in how SGT is a multidisciplinary University with the focus on the overall development of the student.  Sanjay, Admission Director, build the idea of how Admission counsellor may work on Advocacy by bringing out the USP of the SGT University. Dr Anjana Dash, Admission Head, cites instances of professional support that could be used as living examples with prospective students to build trust and gain their commitment to be SGTians. Overall the workshop was interactive and made use of multimodal methods of Adult learning principles for better retention and practicing the skills taught, cited Professor Rajesh Arora.

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