Actor Abhishek Banerjee Highlights Pay Gap Issues in Film Industry

Reported by Riya Garg

Abhishek Banerjee, known for his role in the hit film ‘Stree‘, has spoken out about the significant pay gap in the film industry. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Abhishek discussed how actors like him often receive lower pay due to the unreasonable demands of certain stars.

Abhishek, who has extensive experience as a casting director, explained, “That’s completely a star thing, one can’t blame actors for that. The producers have to decide. I have been casting for movies and shows for many years now. So many unnecessary demands are made by certain stars. What happens because of that is actors ko paise nahi milte.

He revealed that producers often pressure him to cast good actors for very low pay, saying,Hamare paas budget itna hi hai lekin achha actor chahiye (We have a limited budget but need a good actor).” This situation, he noted, was quite shocking.

Abhishek emphasized that while stars bring in audiences and sell tickets, talented actors also add immense value to a story and should not be neglected. “One can’t pay a star’s bodyguard more than an actor’s daily wage,” he remarked.

This issue is not new. Many actors have previously spoken about how the excessive demands of stars negatively affect the rest of the cast. Abhishek’s comments add to the growing conversation about the need for fairer compensation in the industry, where often the hard work and talent of lesser-known actors go undervalued.

Highlighting the disparity, he pointed out that while stars can draw crowds, the contribution of a good actor is equally significant to the success of a film or show. By bringing this issue to light, Abhishek hopes for a more balanced and just approach to paying actors, ensuring that talent is recognized and rewarded appropriately across the board.

As the industry continues to evolve, voices like Abhishek’s are crucial in advocating for fair treatment and respect for all actors, regardless of their star status.

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