Faculty of Agricultural Sciences organises a Hands-on training on Bonsai making.


The hands-on training is the perfect way for trainers to demystify the art of Bonsai. Creating a bonsai
takes a certain amount of persistence and attention to detail. So, in view of that, the Innovative
Gardening Club (IGC), Academic Association under Faculty of Agricultural Sciences organised a
Hands-on training on Bonsai making on 21-04-2023. The resource person of the event was Mr.
Soumik Das, expert, and Ambassador South Asia Bonsai Federation (SABF). Mr. Das guided trainers
through all the fundamental techniques of bonsai, from selecting the right tree species to proper
pruning and shaping techniques. At the end of the training, the trainers learnt how to care of a
bonsai, including watering, fertilizing, and repotting and how to style a bonsai tree to create a
beautiful, miniature tree. The training programme was attended by students and staff members of
SGT University.

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