SGT University College of Pharmacy organizes a Workshop on “Basics of Scientific Writing”

Kanika Gupta

Gurugram January 19

The College of Pharmacy systematized a Workshop on “Basics of Scientific Writing”. Dr. Manish Grover, Ex – Senior Director Procter and Gamble, Abbott Healthcare, Zydus Cadila was the expert speaker.

 Dr. Manish said “Scientific writing is not just writing about science; it is the technical writing that scientists do to communicate their research to others. Scientific communication requires precision (the precise use of words and phrases), clarity, and economy. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” The event was registered and attended by more than 125 students and faculty members nationwide.

Dr. Manish Grover discoursed the attendees about the significance of effective, impactful, and meaningful scientific writing. He said that “Emphasized on the narrative aspect of research writing with keen attention to the language of the text getting research financed and published, depends to a very large extent on our ability to get the point acrossotherwise the chance of rejection stands high”.

During his talk, he discussed the effective ways of putting concepts and findings together.  He further added that to make a research paper successful in this competitive publishing environment one needs to know how to present and structure written information to get the point across and highlight key messages.

The event was convened by Prof (Dr.) Vijay Bhalla, Principal, SGTCOP and coordinated by advisor Prof (Dr.) Sushma Chaturvedi Head of Pharmacology department co-advisors Dr. Vaibhav Walia, Ms. Sonika Shrivastav, and Ms. Sushma Maratha.

The event ceremony was concluded by presenting a vote of thanks to Dr. Manish Grover for sharing his valuable knowledge.

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