Faculty of Agriculture sciences under Agro club Association SGT University organizes a webinar on ‘Jobs and Career Opportunities for graduates in agricultural sciences: National and Global Perspectives

SGT Times Reporter
Gurugram, 6th April

A webinar was organized on the topic ‘Jobs and Career Opportunities for graduates in agricultural sciences: National and Global Perspectives by the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences under the Agro club Association.
The program’s keynote speaker was Dr. R. H. Patil, Professor & Head, Dept. of Agricultural Meteorology, UAS Dharwad, Karnataka.
While addressing the students Dr. R.H.Patil whole during his session pointed out some of the specific and important points like B.Sc. (Agriculture) is a Professional Course and it assumed prime importance in a country like India which once was predominantly an agrarian nation, and still, half of the Indian population is directly involved or employed in farming-based activities.
“With the Indian population crossing 1.4 billion and the global population soon reaching 8.0 billion there is ever-increasing pressure on farmland to produce more. This requires innovations in the field of Agricultural Sciences and requires strong knowledge-oriented agricultural scientists,” he said
Further, he stated higher education in the field of Agricultural Sciences assumes greater importance in decades to come. In this background, graduates and postgraduate students must explore and find opportunities to get employed by national and global institutions involved in R&D. Apart from this graduates also need to explore non-R& D fields like banking, policymaking agencies, NGOs, and Cooperatives, across the world.
He also explained the uniqueness of Agriculture, different facets of attracting job opportunities in agriculture, and outlined various sectors where agriculture graduate has ample job options. He also suggested the difference between generic and specific employment opportunities in India and Abroad.
Professor (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Dean Faculty of Agricultural Sciences was present.
The convenor of the program was Dr. Khushboo Chandra Assistant Professor GPB.
There were110 participants from different sections like Undergraduates, Postgraduates, Ph.D. scholars, and faculty members. The brief introduction about the speaker was delivered by Prof. R.S.Yadav.
Several queries of participants were satisfied by the speaker and a Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Khushboo Chandra.

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