Google Search Introduces New ‘Web’ Filter for Simpler, AI-Free Results

Reported by Bodheet Bhardwaj


Google Search, the world’s leading search engine, is making changes to help users find information more easily. At the recent Google I/O event, Google announced a new feature called the ‘web’ filter. This filter is designed for users who prefer seeing direct links to websites rather than AI-generated previews or extra content.

When Google first started, its search engine simply showed links to websites relevant to the search query. Over time, Google added more features like shopping results, knowledge panels, and featured snippets. Recently, they introduced AI Overviews, which summarize information but sometimes push actual website links further down the page.

The new ‘web’ filter addresses this issue by showing only text-based website links, avoiding the additional layers like knowledge cards and AI Overviews. This way, users can quickly access the web pages they’re looking for without extra content getting in the way.

For mobile users, the new web filter will be easy to access without needing to click a ‘more’ button. On desktop, the filters will appear based on relevance but cannot be manually arranged by users yet.

In addition to the web filter, Google is also enhancing Search with organized results and planning tools to further improve user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as Google continues to refine how we search the web!

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