If differently abled people can love nature so selflessly, why can’t we? Asks Praveen Krupakar, Director of ‘Taledanda’ at IFFI 52

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Taledanda means death by beheading and by not conserving and protecting the nature humanity is digging its own grave. This is the sentiment portrayed in the film Taledanda which had its World Premiere in the Indian Panorama Feature Film Section at the 52nd International Film Festival of India in Goa today.
Interacting with media on the sidelines of IFFI 52 Praveen Krupakar, Director of the film said, “In last 100 years we have destroyed 50 percent of nature and ecology. It is bad for our future generations. I have witnessed the love of my one disabled friend for nature for more than 30 years and this inspired me to do this film.” said Krupakar
Climate change is real and not imaginary as some of us would like to believe and if this story reaches even 0.1 percent of the audience I would think I have done my job, added Director.
Remembering the lead actor in the film who passed away recently, Krupakar said Taledanda is a tribute to Sanchari Vijay who was involved with this film from the stage of ideation and who also acted in the film. Film would not have come to this stage without Sanchari Vijay. He went on to narrate how Sanchari Vijay mastered the Kannada slang through workshops.
The Director also shared his experiences with Soliga tribal people who were roped in to sing some songs in the film and how the recording was done in the studio in their own way without using the usual recording props.
Responding to a query from the audience on various techniques of storytelling Krupakar said he has used dramatization in the film to reach the minds of audience without being preachy.
Editor of the movie B.S. Kemparaju narrated how editing of the film was difficult as the movie progresses in a non-linear way.
About the Film
Taledanda is Indian Panorama Feature Film. It is a story of Kunna, a mentally-challenged youth, he inherits his intense love for nature from his father. After his father’s demise, Kunna grows up with his mother, working as a daily labor in a state nursery. The government sanctions a road to connect their village to the highway. The local MLA manipulates the road plan, now requiring felling of many trees, to safeguard his lands. Opposing the tree felling, Kunna manhandles the government officers and gets arrested. Will he be able to save the trees?
About the Director
Director: Praveen Krupakar is a film director, actor, scriptwriter and producer in Kannada film industry. He is also a faculty member at the University of Mysore since 1996.
Director: Praveen Krupakar

Producer: Kripanidhi Kreations

Screenplay: Praveen Krupakar

DOP: Ashok Cashyap

Editor: B.S. Kemparaju

Cast: Sanchari Vijay, Mangala N.,

Chaitra Achar, Ramesh P.

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