Nikita Joshi – a physiotherapy student who learns rehabilitation of patients but follows her passion for poetry

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, January 8

There are some strings of words we use in our daily life to communicate with each other still we are only able to deliver the words not the emotions then there are those strings of words which are written by some random person which yells the emotions residing in each one of us and we call those strings ‘poetry’ and that random person a ‘writer’ or a ‘poet’.

Nikita Joshi, a student of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the SGT University, is one such person who has developed a rare poetic talent at quite a young age.

Dr. Radhika Rai interviewed Nikita Joshi, the winner of several awards in poetry writing and recitation competition in the University.

Nikita Joshi recited one of her poems she wrote on her city ‘Delhi’ named “Indraprastha” at the very beginning of the interview and shared the concept behind this unique subject.

Nowadays, Delhi is not seen in a very good light in India, most outsiders have a wrong perception about Delhiites mainly because of the crime rate.

She emphasized that it’s the people who make the land and it is not the land’s fault because the land is bearing us that’s why sometimes we should appreciate what we have.

Nikita is a continuous reader since childhood and started writing in her high school time.

On being asked by Dr. Radhika about how she manages her studies as well as her passion and if she is professionally trained in writing she said, some days it’s a bit tiring but whatever you are doing, you’ll find a way if you love something.

She further added, she has taken online courses in advanced writing and creative writing from the University of California Irvine and Wesleyan University respectively but she said, they can teach you format or how one should write poetry but no one can teach you what to write in poetry, because that comes naturally.

Dr. Radhika ended the interview with the question on Nikita’s future endeavour which Nikita believes she is uncertain of as life is uncertain but if she gets to choose her passion, she will definitely go further along with it.

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