PM to chair second National Conference of Chief Secretaries in Delhi on 6th and 7th January

Six issues will be discussed: MSMEs, infrastructure, and investments reducing compliances, women’s empowerment, health and nutrition, and skill development. There will be three special seminars on Viksit Bharat: Reaching the Last Mile, GST and Global Geopolitical Challenges, and India’s Response. The conference will also feature discussions on four topics: Vocal for Local, International Year of Millets, G20: Role of States, and Emerging Technologies. Best practices from states and UTs will also be given under each subject so that they can learn from one another. The outcomes of three preceding virtual conferences with states and UTs will also be discussed at this Conference.

On the 6th and 7th of January 2023, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will preside over the second National Conference of Chief Secretaries in Delhi. It will be an important step in strengthening the collaboration between the Centre and the state governments. In June 2022, the first such Conference of Chief Secretaries was convened in Dharamshala.

This year, the National Conference of Chief Secretaries will be held from 5th to 7th January 2023 in Delhi. The three-day Conference will focus on achieving rapid and sustained economic growth in partnership with the States. More than 200 persons, including representatives from the Central Government, Chief Secretaries, other senior officials from all States/Union Territories, and subject experts, will attend. The Conference will provide the groundwork for collaborative action to achieve Viksit Bharat, with an emphasis on growth, job creation, and inclusive human development.

The conference topic was chosen following the significant debate in over 150 physical and virtual consultation sessions held over the previous three months amongst nodal Ministries, NITI Aayog, States/UTs, and domain experts. The Conference will focus on six selected themes: I MSMEs; (ii) Infrastructure and Investments; (iii) Compliance Minimization; (iv) Women’s Empowerment; (v) Health and Nutrition; and (vi) Skill Development.
There will also be three special sessions on I Viksit Bharat: Reaching the Final Mile; (ii) Five Years of Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Learnings and Experiences; and (iii) Global Geopolitical Challenges and India’s Response.
Furthermore, four targeted discussions would take place: I Vocal for Local; (ii) International Year of Millets; (iii) G20: Role of States; and (iv) Emerging Technologies.
Best practices from states/UTs would also be shared at the Conference so that states might learn from one another.
Before the main conference, three virtual conferences were held with the states and UTs on the subjects of I Districts as the Center of Development, (ii) Circular Economy, and (iii) Model UTs, as directed by the Prime Minister. These virtual sessions’ conclusions would be presented to the National Conference of Chief Secretaries.

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