Remembering Pierre Jeanneret, the man behind marvels of architecture in Chandigarh

SGT Times Reporter

Chandigarh, December 5
To commemorate the death anniversary of Pierre Jeanneret, the Department of Tourism held an event at the Jeanneret Museum in Sector 5 Chandigarh.

A guided tour of the Jeanneret Museum with a discussion on the relevance of his works was personally conducted by Deepika Gandhi, Director Le Corbusier Centre. Students of architecture from tri-city colleges were explained the basic philosophy and finer nuances of Jeanneret’s work which spanned from the sculptural Gandhi Bhawan to the austere peons’ housing.
To reinforce the design ideology of Jeanneret a workshop on his furniture was held thereafter wherein the students had to carefully study his work and create a side table with light inspired by one of his buildings or furniture. The enthusiastic and inspired students came up with some very interesting designs which they translated into small scale models. Ar Kamal Passi who had produced the miniature furniture displayed at the Museum guided the students in the workshop.

Deepika Gandhi explained that the aim of the workshop was to make students analyze and appreciate the aesthetic and functional merit in Jeanneret’s work while using their own creativity as well. It was hoped that more citizens and tourists would visit the Jeanneret Museum which was the house in which Jeanneret lived for 11 years as did Le Corbusier when he came to India. The house was restored to its original state and a museum dedicated to Jeanneret established here in 2017.

It was also added that the Tourism Department shall continue to hold such interactive events as part of the outreach and education program of the Architecture Museums that engage all sections of citizens to promote the understanding and protection of Chandigarh’s heritage.

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