Rs 34 crore to be spent to resolve water crisis in nine Mahendragarh villages: Haryana CM

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar began his three-day tour to Mahendragarh district today
with a ‘jan samvaad’ session in the villages of Balaha Kalan, Nizampur, and Musnauta in the
Nangal Choudhary Assembly seat.
He offered Rs 34 crore to create a programme to alleviate the district's water crisis in nine
villages while addressing the villagers in Nizampur village. Ten to twelve water storage tanks
would be built in the region under the proposal by constructing two groups of four and five
villages and connecting these groups to the Dharchula Minor and Hasanpur distributaries.
Water would also be made available to farmers via pipelines via these tanks.
The people requested a direct bus to Nangal Chaudhary and Jaipur on the occasion. Acting
quickly, Khattar asked the General Manager of Haryana Roadways to run a bus four times a
day from the village to Nangal Chaudhary. Similarly, he directed the establishment of a direct
bus route to Jaipur. The CM also solicited public comments on the state government’s
operations and welfare programmes.
“The construction of the Dholera Bypass was a long-standing need in the region, and the
completion of this project will increase the area’s road infrastructure network. Similarly,
micro-irrigation projects will help farmers as well as encourage water conservation,” said

Janvi Dagar

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