SGT University participates in webcast by the National Informatics Centre

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, February 28

SGT University attended the webcast by National Informatics Centre conducted by the Dept. of Health and family welfare of India regarding the Post Budget webinar for health and welfare of individuals & adhering to the COVID-19 protocols under “Strengthening Tele Medicine and IT Enabled Services for Inclusive & Equitable Health-care Delivery with the faculty members along with the Dean of faculty of Indian medical system.

The session was addressed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in his speech congratulated the heath-care system officials on their immense success in the efforts towards managing the COVID-19 pandemic situation in India and the vaccination status of the population.

The prime minister highlighted “One India One Health” through wellness programs under the Health Mission led by medical professionals all over the country. The role of AYURVEDA in promoting wellness along with the rise in its global demand was also highly appreciated with an outlook towards further instigation in such sectors.

The first session emphasized the advantages of ABDM (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission) in facilitating patient care, supporting physical and mental health-care was done, where many eminent Healthcare officials from all over the country expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the G. O. I.(Government of India) for their support in strengthening the Healthcare system amidst the pandemic and suggested other alternate means to further support the same. And emphasized the Digitisation of the Health-care System bringing facilities to every doorstep and propagating Wellness as a living idea.

The AYUSH system was then highlighted as a complementing science that can assist in achieving this mission by Dr. Rajiv Vasudeva.

Under the second session of “National Tele Medicine,” the guidelines and training environment required for the training of Doctors, Medico-legal assurance, and practice of Tele Medicine were highlighted along with the current popularity of the use of such platforms.

In the third slice of the exquisite event with the emphasis on Mental Health, the strategies, scope, robust efforts, and current need was discussed among the experts. An emphasis on the role of Ayurveda in supporting Mental Health-care was also highlighted.

Then an open discussion session commenced regarding digitization which was imbibed with significant opinions and concerned inquisitions for development and strengthening of the digitization mission by individuals from different sectors of the healthcare system followed by resolution to some and a strong-minded resolve to attend to the rest.

The session was then brought to a closure with valedictory expressing gratitude for the support and consolidation provided by the G. O. I and heartfelt thanks to the healthcare system.

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