State Government to host a visit for Ambassadors of G 20 Countries to the Surajkund Handi International Crafts Mela

The state government has invited ambassadors of G 20 countries to Surajkund Handi International Crafts Mela to attend and experience the rich heritage and culture of several states including Haryana on February 9. The 15 day international Surajkund Handi International Crafts Mela will begin on February third. MD Sinha the principal secretary of the state tourism department revealed this at a meeting held for
the preparation for the summit. Officials of the Gurgaon administration and the Haryana chief secretary presided over the meeting. During the first G20 summit meeting in the city from March 1 to 4 short excursions to the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon, the Cyber Hub, and the Camera and Transport Museums will also be organised for the envoys. Luxurious buses will be organised for these journeys by the Tourism Department. For these trips, the tourism department will make arrangements for upscale buses. The public works department officials were in charge to paint curb stones and central verges on the road leading to Sultanpur National Park. The Public Works Department employees were instructed to paint the central verges and Curb stones on the road toward Sultanpur National Park. On February 9, we have planned to host a gathering of G20 ambassadors in Surajkund, Sinha stated. At Pratapgarh Farms and Sultanpur National Park, attendees to the G20 summit conference can get a taste of rural life in Haryana and learn how protected regions in India can develop next to cities.
In the meantime, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority was instructed to re-carpet the road leading to the Museo camera and to erect welcome gates in all of the city’s important neighborhoods. Four G20 summit meetings are anticipated to take place in Gurgaon, with the first one scheduled for March 1–4. The first one would be on an anti-corruption working group, where participants will discuss
methods for putting a stop to corruption in the administrative system.

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