The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences organised A community visit on “Rapid blood sugar testing and dietary counselling of diabetes” at Sultanpur village.

A community visit on “Rapid blood sugar testing and dietary counseling of diabetes” was organized by the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Event was organized under the supervision of the Microcosm association (Advisor-Ms. Suchandra Gupta) and Nutri care association (Advisor-Dr. Akanksha Yadav) at Sultanpur village on 23rd Feb-2023. Initially, students of Medical Laboratory technology interacted with the people of Sultanpur village and explained to them about diabetes, types of diabetes, various complications associated with diabetes, symptoms, and the importance of routine monitoring of diabetes, and they also performed rapid blood sugar testing after obtaining the consent from interested participants. Students from the department of nutrition and dietetics have done the nutritional assessment and dietary counseling of the women who participated in the camp. We would like to express our gratitude to Prof Ejaz Hussain (Dean FAHS), Dr. Vibha (HOD, Paramedical), Dr. Vatsala, and Dr. Deepali for supporting us in the smooth conduction of the event.

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