Student of BJMC, wins first prize for the project- ‘100 Radio News Bulletin Making Project’

Gurugram: Bhawna Thakur, a student of BJMC (Batch 2020-23), won first prize for the project- ‘100
Radio News Bulletin Making Project’ (duration: 5 minutes for each). She has completed the project
successfully. Bhawna received a certificate of appreciation and a trophy from Mr. NC Bipindra, a senior defense journalist and editor-in-chief of the e-Magazine Defence Capital. He along with
the Dean, FMMT, Prof. Sushil Manav, and Mr. SK Pandey, Associate Professor presented the prize to

This project was under the guidance of Mr. S.K Pandey sir, in-charge of the subject ‘Basics of Radio’
during that time. Pandey sir expressed imperatively that television is the extension of radio and
cinema is the extension of television. So, our understanding from this was that radio provides a base
for our speaking skills and if we become strong in radio, we’ll be better in television also. …And apart
from Radio News bulletins, students also made many programs of radio on current affairs and
issues, but the condition of prize winning as declared by SK Pandey sir was that the one student who
will complete 100 radio bulletins first, will get the prize. So, Bhawna was the first student from our
batch, who completed 100 radio bulletins within due course of time and with full dedication and
hard work. All other students also completed above 50 bulletins and some even managed to make
80+ radio bulletins on regular basis. This is indeed a motivation for all of us. We learnt a lot of things
from these projects.


(Written by Sakshi who is a student of the same batch)

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