The faculty of behavioural sciences hosts an workshop on the topic “sleep difficulty and its management”

With the participation of other faculties, the faculty of behavioral sciences held an
event on the topic of “sleep difficulty and its management”. The workshop was
coordinated by Dr. Bhanupriya Rathore.
The primary objective of the workshop was to raise awareness of sleep as a
phenomenon and the important role it plays in one’s life. The speaker starting
with Prof. (Dr.) Ejaz Hussain concentrated on intriguing topics throughout the
entire session, including the neurophysiology of sleep and sleep disturbances in
students. “sleep is the golden thread that connects our bodies and our health” is
what the professor cited and further discussed techniques for regulating and
improving sleep.
Dr. Vikas Sharma, HOD, FBSC, spoke next as he discussed sleep: Public health
concern and its psychological intervention, psychological and behavior factors related to sleep difficulties”. Dr. Sharma primarily discussed insomnia,
insomnia syndrome, the onset of chronic insomnia, and various treatments of
sleep problems such as stimulus-control therapy, cognitive therapy, and
relaxation-based interventions.
Last but not least, Dr. Drishti, resident medical officer, faculty of naturopathy
and yogic sciences, led the audience in a very soothing and relaxing session. She
guided the participants in some relaxation techniques (Yog nidra) which turned
out to be quite effective for the majority of students. She went on to discuss its
significance and how people might use it in their everyday lives.

The knowledge piqued the interest of the attendees and proved to be incredibly
insightful and beneficial for everyone. The faculty of behavioral sciences is
enthusiastic to host more such stimulating events in the future.

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