The faculty of Agricultural Sciences organizes a one day seminar on topic “Global Scenario of Agri- Business Management and Whole Sale Market”

The faculty of Agricultural Sciences organized a one-day seminar on the topic “Global Scenario of Agri-Business Management and Whole Sale Market” by an eminent Key speaker. Dr. J.S. Yadav, Managing Director, National Council of State Agricultural Marketing Board and Director, World Union Wholesale Market, The Netherlands. The session was chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Satish Chander Sharma, Director IQAC and Prof. (Dr.) Ashok Kumar, Dean FASC. There were 91
participants from a variety of groups, including faculty members, postgraduate students, undergraduates, and Ph.D. scholars. Dr. Khushboo Chandra briefly introduced a renowned and esteemed speaker. The welcome address was presented by Prof. (Dr.) Ashok Kumar; Dean FASC and also explained about the National Council of State Agricultural Marketing Boards (COSAMB) this is a National level organization to Promote Agricultural Marketing Activities across India and Abroad. It aims to coordinate professional activities among all State Agricultural Marketing Boards and to provide a common forum to all member Boards/departments to discuss common problems and issues pertaining to the development of efficient modern marketing. Dr. J.S. Yadav explained about 85% of the increase in the global middle class is expected to come from Asia. Food transitions in China, India, and Indonesia will impact regional and global food systems. The need for trade in India is likely to meet the increased demand for staples through domestic supply, but India will need to import significant amounts of vegetables, oils, and pulses to some extent. Trade liberalization will accelerate the shifts in diets. Consumers increasingly worried about food safety and will demand more transparency and sustainability. He also explained about hierarchy of supply chain which includes National level Council, State Agricultural Marketing Board and Agricultural Produce Market Committee. The Role of APMC is to maintain regulatory reforms. There are 7500 markets at world level other than FPOs, Kisan Rail, Warehouses and Rural Periodic Markets. Total No. of Regulated Wholesale Markets in India is 6845. India’s cold storage capacity is likely to reach 40.7 million metric tonnes by 2023, rising 8.2% from 2020. There are also some major problems like waste management, Planning, consumer habit, green initiative, market space etc. The last of all, He also groomed the students by sharing tips to improve psychometric parameters like Attitude, Adoption, Interest, Knowledge and Skill, communication, analytical capabilities, Positive attitude, Professionalism and keen towards achievement which is the defining characteristics of top recruiters. Several queries of participants like job opportunities in Agri –business, Management of Export of farmers produce and Contract farming benefits were satisfied by speaker and Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Heena.

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