Workshop on Writing Skills begins at SGT University

Kanika Gupta

Gurugram, January 17

Centre for Languages and Communication under the aegis of Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, SGT University, Gurugram, today began with a workshop for Faculties on General Writing Skills.

Prof. Navdeep Singh Tung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, inaugurated the workshop. He complimented the organisers of the event. Dr. Sarju Devi, Head of the Centre for Languages and Communication, and Bhawna Tomar, an Academic Associate, are acting as facilitators for the workshop.

In the opening address, Prof. Sushil Manav, Dean, Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology, said that writing skills are an important part of communication because people judge others’ intellect from the way they draft a note

He said that good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with more clarity than through face-to-face communication.  

Prof Manav said that he has taken an initiative to improve the writing skills of the journalism students in his faculty, and now, quite a few students have been contributing news stories in the university’s news web portal SGT Times.

He advised that for improving writing skills one should read a lot of good books, keep a good English dictionary, improve grammar, check spellings before and after writing, learn the art of developing basic sentences into more elaborate ones.

The workshop had some useful grammar exercises to assess the feeble point of every participant so that they can learn from their feeble points. The diagnostic quiz has around 40 questions related to tenses, subject-verb agreement, homophones, punctuations, etc. The survey was carried by every faculty member who had participated, while participating in this survey, everyone was feeling they had returned to their school days where a teacher used to give some grammar exercise to know how much in-depth knowledge of the subject is there. Similarly, again when attempting these questions, it has the same feeling to be back in school only difference that exists here is trying to understand weak points so that paying attention to weak points and writing skills can be improved. It was a quite interactive session where Dr. Sarju Devi explained the queries in detail most of the queries are related to subject-verb agreement and tenses so she explained where and how to use them in the proper place. A few more interesting tasks were allotted where everyone participated actively to understand the basic writing skills.

In the end, Dr. Devi thanked everyone and hoped that this workshop would prove fruitful for them.

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