Abbas-Mustan Hint at ‘Baazigar 2’ with Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar

Reported by Riya Garg


Iconic director duo Abbas-Mustan, known for the 1993 hit film ‘Baazigar,’ have hinted at a possible sequel, ‘Baazigar 2.’ The original film, starring Shah Rukh Khan, was a major milestone in Bollywood history and played a key role in his career.

Fans were excited when Abbas-Mustan recently expressed interest in bringing back the thriller. They even mentioned the possibility of including Akshay Kumar alongside Shah Rukh Khan. In a podcast, the directors confirmed their interest, saying, “Zaroor banayenge” (we’ll make it). When a fan suggested uniting SRK and Akshay, Mustan humorously replied, “Aapke paas kahani hai toh dijiye. Zaroor banayenge” (If you have a story, please give it to us. We’ll make it).

One of the most memorable parts of ‘Baazigar’ was Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in the title song, where he wore a mask and black cape, looking like Zorro, and rode a horse. During the podcast, the directors revealed that the horse-riding scenes were actually done by a body double because SRK is afraid of horses. Mustan explained, “He was wearing a robe, a hat, and a mask on his face, and his eyes were covered. The horse riding was done by the horse owner, a body double.” This clever trick ensured the scenes were filmed safely and thrillingly.

Baazigar’ was Shah Rukh Khan’s first role as an anti-hero, showing his talent for complex characters. His bold choices have made him one of Bollywood’s most respected and loved actors. Adding Akshay Kumar to the sequel could bring a new and exciting dynamic, combining their star power for a film fans have eagerly awaited.

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