CBSE Topper with 99.4% Bags Scholarship from University of British Columbia

Reported by Tannu Jangra


Meet Sanaa Shaikh, a remarkable student from Gurgaon who scored an impressive 99.4 percent in the CBSE Class 12 board exams of 2024. This outstanding achievement has earned her a scholarship offer from the prestigious University of British Columbia.

Originally from Mumbai, Sanaa has always had a passion for humanities. She pursued her Class 10 at Universal High School in the commerce and economics stream. For her higher secondary education, she moved to Delhi Public School (DPS) in Gurgaon, where she completed both Class 11 and Class 12, excelling in her studies and proving her dedication to academic excellence.

Sanaa’s interests lie in writing and psychology, and she plans to further her studies in these fields. Her success is also a testament to the support of her parents, who work in the insurance sector at Bajaj Allianz. Their encouragement has been a significant factor in her academic journey.

In an interview with India Today, Sanaa shared some of her effective study habits and techniques. She treated her textbooks like a bible, reading every part thoroughly and taking meticulous notes. She made 2-3 sets of notes throughout the year, preferring to write and learn rather than just speaking. Writing helped her solidify her understanding of the material.

Time management was initially a challenge for Sanaa, but she overcame it by setting regular alarms and waking up early to study. Her parents supported her in developing good study habits. She always had a clear goal of how many chapters to cover and maintained a disciplined routine to achieve her study objectives.

Sanaa studied subjects like History, Political Science, English, Psychology, and Geography in the humanities stream. She emphasizes the importance of delivering concise answers, a skill taught by her teachers. They advised her to draft responses clearly and succinctly, a practice that has greatly benefited her.

Sanaa’s academic journey is a shining example of hard work, dedication, and effective study techniques. Her success story inspires many, and with her scholarship offer from the University of British Columbia, her academic future looks incredibly bright.

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