Keep focus on goal to crack civil services, Dr Sunil Kumar Gulati tells IAS aspirants in SGT University

Bhavya Pandey

Gurugram, December 6

Dr Sunil Kumar Gulati, Special Chief Secretary and Chief Resident Commissioner, Haryana (Retired) on Monday exhorted students to keep focus on their goals if they wanted to crack civil services or clear any other examination in their life.

Dr Gulati was delivering a motivational lecture to civil services aspirants at SGT University in Gurugram today.

The event was in continuation of the series of motivational lectures by IAS and IPS officers being organised by the SGT University for students of various faculties who want to go to civil services.

The lecture on the topic ‘Orienting personal goals with professional goal’ was held in B block T.V. studio.

Emphasising the need for self-motivation for success in any exam, Dr Gulati asked the students to keep themselves in good spirits.

He also asked the students what was the driving force behind their decision to become an IAS officer.

He told the students about composition of Body (1%), Mind (3%), Intellect (6%), and Soul (90%). He further added that students should be clear about their goals. The lecture had an equal blend of personal knowledge along with professional guidance.

Giving his own example, he said the civil services provided him enough opportunities to do some good to the society during his different postings.

He cited the examples of schemes like Swamitva in Lal Dora area, taking death and birth registration out of the purview of police stations, Swachhata and toilets, save the girl child etc, which he said, were first brought to focus by him during the 2001 Census when he was Director, Census Operations, Haryana.

Dr Gulati also stressed the need of reading good books and literature for staying positive and Gulati highlighted some books such as Life of Ramkrishna Paramhans by SW Nikhilananda and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

He said the students must read such books, as they will give them a new perspective and will broaden their knowledge about life.

The lecture was informative as well as motivating which Inspired students and guided them as to how by improving their personal habits they can achieve their professional goal.

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