On the occasion of “World health day”, different departments of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences participated in medical camp at Shiwadi village, Haryana.

On the occasion of “World health day”, 7 April 2023, different departments of the Faculty of Allied
Health Sciences participated in medical camp at Shiwadi village, Haryana. As the theme for
2023 was “Health for all” we took this opportunity to conduct a short skit on epilepsy initial
management, speech & hearing screening, diet counseling, typhoid & hemoglobin testing, eye
screening. Students of undergraduate and post graduate participated in medical health camp,
which was coordinated by faculty members, Dr. Vatsala Saharan, Ms. Suchandra Gupta, Ms.
Bhawna and Ms. Archana Gupta.
Lot many villagers had come to grab the opportunity within their village at health camp, ranging
from paediatric population to geriatric population. Speech & Hearing screening was performed
and patients who had failed the screening were called for a detailed assessment at SGT Medical
hospital. They were also instructed to take proper care of the ears and to practice good aural and
vocal hygiene. Screening of eyes were also done by optometry department.
The students of Nutrition and Dietetics counseled villagers for healthy eating, balanced diet and
physical activity. Different diet charts were also given to villagers as per their requirement, such
as normal, diabetic, high protein, high calcium diet charts. They were encouraged to eat
homemade food by including different millets in their diet for healthy living. Specially Bajra
(Pearl Millet) because Haryana is the most cultivated area for this crop and it is rich in iron.
Students of M.Sc MLT performed Typhoid detection test by qualitative method and an
awareness programme was also done where the students interacted with people, mentioning the
source of transmission, preventive measures and the importance of detection of typhoid at early
The students from the Department of Neurophysiology Technology performed a short skit on
"Epilepsy Initial Management". By this, they were able to guide people with basic first-aid
management on how epilepsy can be acquainted. During the interaction with the children’s
regarding epilepsy, our students witnessed that most of them had seen such cases a couple of
times but they were not aware of the condition. Steps of seizure first aid were explained by the
students and faculty member, knowledge and attitude towards epilepsy were also assessed by the
students. Acknowledging visit to this village has been a significant and influential task to educate
people with fundamental information about health and hygiene. The villagers voluntarily and
enthusiastically participatein this health camp. Students also participated wholeheartedly and
made this event successful.

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