The Department of Public Health Dentistry organized an Oral health screening and Treatment program.

The Department of Public Health Dentistry of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University organized an Oral health screening and Treatment program on 11th April 2023 at Karoli Village Nuh in collaboration with the Publicity team of SGT University. The Dental team was headed by Dr. Meenakshi Chopra (Associate Professor) along with 2 Postgraduates Dr. Ayesha (Prosthodontics), and Dr. Khushagar (Endodontics), and 6 Interns Mumtaz, Diksha, Livanshi, Lokesh, Asha and Garima) and 1 attendant Mr. Darshan. A screening of 169 patients was done, which included 98 males and 71 females, of which 06 patients were treated in the mobile dental van at the camp location. Postgraduate students and interns gave excellent oral health presentations to residents of that community, explaining the importance of good oral hygiene, the effects of tobacco use on health, and the role of a balanced diet with the help of models and charts. Patients received an oral hygiene kit with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and mouthwash. The interns appreciated the opportunity provided to them and expressed their willingness to participate in future activities conducted by the department. The purpose of the dental camp was to create awareness in the community towards the importance of oral health.

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