Rohit Sharma’s Hilarious Banter with Kuldeep Yadav Goes Viral Ahead of T20 World Cup

Reported by Gungun


Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team, is famous for his sharp wit and humorous one-liners. Recently, his playful exchange with teammate Kuldeep Yadav has become a hit on social media.


During a promotional event for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024, Rohit was asked to present the ICC ODI Team of the Year cap to Kuldeep. The lighthearted conversation that followed left everyone in stitches.


Here’s a snippet of their funny interaction:

Rohit: “It’s my great pleasure to present this wonderful cap to a wonderful athlete and who has been a real asset for Team India, ICC ODI Team of the Year, Kuldeep.”

Kuldeep: “Thank you, Rohit bhai.”

Rohit: “You want to say something?”

Kuldeep: “No, no, all good.”

Rohit: “You should say something.

Kuldeep: “I mean, nothing much to say. I had a great season last year, both with the bat and ball.”

Rohit: “Bat?”

Kuldeep: “Yeah.”

Rohit: “When?”

Kuldeep: “I mean, uh. I mean, uh.”

Rohit: “I mean uh, when?

Kuldeep: “Test series.”

Rohit: “This is ODI.

Kuldeep: “But I performed with the bat as well, so last year I was really good with the ball during the World Cup as well.”

Rohit: “I am captain of this team. I have never seen him bat. So, I don’t know what he is talking about.”

Kuldeep: “Thank you, Rohit bhai.”


Kuldeep tried to highlight his performance with the bat, but Rohit’s humorous skepticism about ever seeing Kuldeep bat in an ODI left everyone laughing.


India will kick off their T20 World Cup 2024 campaign against Ireland, followed by a highly anticipated match against Pakistan on June 9.


This light-hearted moment reflects the camaraderie within the team and has added to the excitement for the upcoming tournament.

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