Sophie Choudry Entrals Audience at SGT University

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram: The university was buzzing with excitement as word of Sophie Choudry’s visit spread among the ecstatic students. The stage is being prepared, and the sound of excited chatter and booming music can be heard all over campus! Sophie Choudry’s new song “Gori Hai” has students creating reels and videos to promote the song while having a lot of fun. 

The main campus ground was crammed with students from every faculty at the university. Pink, blue, and white shirts were mixed together in one, and everyone was waiting for the lovely Sophie Choudry to arrive.

Students joined her on stage to dance and sing along as she entered the stage to the sound track of her song. The audience was completely tuned in to her, and some even taught her new moves when she went on to replicate, leaving the audience in awe. She was upbeat and eager to interact with everyone, and it was clear from the expressions on everyone’s faces that it was a memorable occasion. She even agreed to a one of one session with SGT Times where she motivated students to work hard in order to be successful in life.

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