Surajkund Mela: A journey towards joy and skill enhancement

The Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology at SGT University organized a short cultural trip to SurajKund International Crafts Mela on Friday for BJMC and MJMC students with faculty member Miss. Neha Sharma. The theme of the International Mela was the
northeastern states. Students explored each corner of the Mela, filled with beautiful handicrafts, alluring embroidery, and shiny and eye-catching jewelry pieces. To enhance their skills, students did photography and videography there. Students interacted with people from other countries and learned about their handmade products. Students also seemed to dance with full passion and enthusiasm with the talented and renowned folk dancers and singers. Students studied the pure talents of different regions and took inspiration from each stall they visited. Many souvenirs were also collected to cherish, providing an opportunity to get to know the world's cultural diversity. Teachers went above and beyond to educate students on the stories behind the various traditions. They saw and appreciated the unity displayed by different artists and craftsmen. They also enriched their knowledge of the arts and crafts of the world and understood the importance of celebrating the cultural heritage of India and the world outside India. This trip was organized to help students broaden their creative horizons and knowledge and explore the sea of beauty and culture that swims around India and the world. This visit proved to be both a cultural and a
learning experience.

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