The Department of Public Health Dentistry conducts an oral health screening program at at DRA Public School

The Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University conducted an oral health screening program on 21st December 2022 (Wednesday) at DRA Public School, Majri, Jhajjar, Haryana.
The Dental team was headed by Dr. Charu Khurana (Reader, Department of Public Health Dentistry) and 1 postgraduate Dr. Tanvi Dagar (Department of Orthodontics), 6 BDS Intern- Shipra, Yashi, Samridhi, Swati, Sanal, Savari and 1 attendant Mr. Rajkumar. A total of 514 students from classes Prep to IXth were examined, including 298 boys and 216 girls. Along with students, the Importance of oral health was imparted to school teachers and supporting staff members. An oral health talk session was delivered to all classes which included the importance of brushing twice a day, mouth rinsing, brushing techniques, and Diet to be maintained. Oral Health Education was imparted regarding the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle through brushing models and charts.

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