Dr. Manisha Khandai from SGT Hospital speaks about masks and their correct use

SGT Times Reporter

Gurugram, January 14

In the wake of the rising cases of coronavirus, people are advised to follow Covid appropriate behaviour, which means sanitizing hands, sustaining social distance, wearing masks so that people can be saved from a virus.

In rural areas, many people are afraid of wearing the mask as they are unaware of how the mask can save their life and are also ignorant about proper use of masks.

With the new variant, Omicron, people who are not wearing masks or not following Covid appropriate behaviours are getting affected by the virus.

According to doctors, double masking can prevent infections to a large extent.

Dr. Manisha Khandai, Professor and Head of Microbiology Department at SGT University threw light on different type of masks and their correct use. She said the market 3 types of masks are available market – surgical masks, cloth masks, and N-95 masks.

The surgical masks are 3-layered masks with their inner 2-layer acting as shields that prevent the virus to enter in mouth and nose also has an outer layer that is a water-resistant extra preventive shield and it is a one-time disposable mask if used properly then it can prevent Covid. “For this take an uninfected surgical mask make sure the nose is covered with the pin hooked to the mask and strings of the mask should be in the ear lobe so that it can cover the nose and mouth perfectly,” she said.

Dr Manisha said that due to the shortage of medical masks to protect themselves from the virus, people have made homemade cloth masks.

If these are made of 3-layered cloth, then it will also work the same as surgical masks. But if it is a single-layered mask then it will not protect from the infection. N-95 masks in the second wave of covid are the most used mask which can effectively filter 95%virus particles as they are made up of polyester and other synthetic fibre.

“Do not use a mask having a valve outside and do not wear a loose mask wear the mask which completely protects your mouth and nose. Do not touch your mask frequently. Sanitize your hands. Don’t wear the mask for the second time. If using a cloth mask for the second time, then use it after washing it with soap and water and keep it dry in sun. People should have 3 pairs of N-95 masks if they are using it again,” she added.

Dr Manisha also informed about how to dispose of the used masks using only strings to remove the mask never touch the front side of the mask as it is the most vulnerable part.

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