Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology and Centre for Languages and Communication organised an Expert Talk on Soft Skills

-Ms. Mansi Juneja, Assistant Professor, FMMT

Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology and Centre for Languages and
Communication organised an Expert Talk on Soft Skills. The key note speaker of the event
was Ms. Alka Wahi, soft skills trainer. BJMC 6 th student Utkarsha moderated of the event.
All the faculty members along with the students participated in the session.
The aim of the event was to teach students the ‘Art of Communication’ and to share some
nuggets of communication to become an effective communicator and to build a positive
Ms. Alka Wahi is a passionate soft skills and personality development trainer, life coach. She
conducts workshops on a regular basis for the staff, the Admissions Team at SGT university.

Ms. Alka Wahi before starting the session mentioned that there are certain prerequisites to
attend the session and that is you all need to listen with a smile, empty your cup and be fully
attentive and participate actively.
Ms. Alka Wahi gave a red carpet welcome to students and said that you all are very valuable
for the organisation as students are at the core of the organisation.
She shared some titbits for effective communication with students to look more
She said while facing interview never be doubtful about yourself and never give answer
starting with ‘I think’ when you are asked to tell something about yourself until you are
asked for an opinion.
She conducted an engaging game with the students and asked them to choose a word that
describes their personality using the first letter of their name. she said the simplest thing is
to talk about yourself but many of you could not do that. It is the very first step of effective
communication and the need of the hour.
She emphasised on having an awareness about your own self and if you don’t know your
strengths and weaknesses you cannot use them to their full potential.
She said the art of communication is not just being fluent in English but you need to be
proficient in any one language.
She said that for impactful communication one must have clarity in their speech and should
have appropriate rate of speech and be careful about the tone of your voice and voice
modulation. She advised that if you lack clarity then you need to practise to open the
mouth and talk.
she advised to use short sentences especially to those who stutter and emphasised on
taking a pause frequently as it makes huge difference to your speech.

She said nature has bestowed us with everything that we need and you only need to
enhance it.
She said only 7 percent is your language and what you speak but 93 percent is how you
speak. She said that we use fillers quite frequently and to overcome this habit we need to
become more aware and remove distraction words. We can keep a journal and record while
we talk.
She concluded the session and thanked the dean sir all the faculty members and students
and shared that someone once told her that she talks a lot and she said that she accepted
that opinion in a positive way and decided to make it as my profession. she promised the
students to conduct more such sessions so that they can talk effectively with their heads

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