Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology conducts a workshop on Mobile Filmmaking

Today we are surrounded by visuals like never before in human history. Thus it becomes important to understand the visuals before we start producing them or being influenced by them. Carrying forward the vision of SGT University, the Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology organized an interactive session with the young minds of KPS Convent School – NH8, Mahipalpur, New Delhi to make them aware of the pros and cons and the ethical issues related to Mobile Filmmaking.

Young students are not only consumers but also producers of visual words. It is important to set the values right and sensitize these young prosumers enough so that they can positively contribute to nation-building. The world of words with examples and demonstration was presented to students by Mr Gulam Husain, the technical intricacies and practical use of mobile were shown by Mr Kranti Anand and for the nuanced understanding of the concept as a whole, Mr Saleem Javed presented his views.

Students and their teachers alike were elated by the fact that such an interesting session was conducted in their school and the bustling young ones asked many questions.

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