The faculty of mass communication and media technology hosted an Workshop on “How To Ace An Interview”

The faculty of mass communication and media technology at SGT University hosted an engaging and comprehensive Interview Skills Workshop titled “How To Ace An Interview” for Mass Communication students, conducted by Mr. Atul Dhand, a highly regarded soft skill trainer, CRC, SGT University with extensive experience in the field. The workshop attracted a large number of enthusiastic participants eager to enhance their interview skills and gain a competitive edge in the job market. The workshop began with an insightful introduction by Mr. Dhand, emphasizing the significant role that interviews play in the job application process. He emphasized that interviews serve as an opportunity for employers to evaluate the qualifications, skills, and overall fit of the candidates for the desired role. Mr. Dhand further stressed that mastering interview skills are essential for students to effectively showcase their abilities, make a positive impression, and increase their chances of landing their dream jobs. Throughout the workshop, Mr. Dhand provided valuable tips, strategies, and practical exercises to help the participants excel in their interviews and stand out from the competition. The key points covered during the workshop revolved around preparation, presentation, tailoring responses, and closing the interview with grace. Regarding preparation, Mr. Dhand highlighted the importance of thorough research. Students were encouraged to delve into the company’s background, including its values, mission, recent news, and developments. This knowledge would enable them to showcase their genuine interest and enthusiasm during the interview. Additionally, participants were advised to conduct self-assessments to identify their unique strengths, weaknesses, and key accomplishments, allowing them to effectively highlight their qualifications during the interview. The presentation skills segment of the workshop focused on the visual and verbal aspects of communication. Dressing professionally was emphasized, with Mr. Dhand explaining that appropriate attire should align with the company’s culture and industry norms. The participants learned about the significance of maintaining good posture, making eye contact, and offering a firm handshake to convey confidence and professionalism. Moreover, effective verbal communication skills, such as speaking clearly and concisely, were emphasized as crucial elements for creating a positive impression. Tailoring responses was another essential aspect covered during the workshop. Mr. Dhand advised participants to align their answers with the specific job requirements strategically. By emphasizing relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments, candidates can demonstrate their suitability for the role. The STAR method, a structured approach involving Situation, Task, Action, and Result, was introduced as an effective way to organize and articulate responses. Furthermore, Mr. Dhand encouraged participants to provide real-life examples wherever possible, as they add credibility and depth to their answers. Closing the interview with grace and professionalism was a topic that garnered significant attention. Participants were educated on the importance of expressing gratitude to the interviewer for their time and the opportunity to interview. Mr. Dhand stressed the significance of genuine appreciation and encouraged students to leave a lasting impression by reiterating their interest in the role and expressing their enthusiasm for moving forward in the hiring process. Additionally, participants were guided on the importance of following up after the interview to demonstrate continued interest and proactive engagement. The workshop concluded with a recap of the key takeaways and a motivating message from Mr. Dhand. He emphasized that mastering interview skills is an ongoing process that requires preparation, practice, and self-reflection. Each interview, regardless of the outcome, should be seen as a valuable learning experience. Participants were encouraged to maintain a positive and persistent attitude, and committed to continuous improvement in their interview skills. The students left the workshop feeling inspired and equipped with newfound knowledge and confidence. The Workshop led by Mr. Atul Dhand provided a valuable platform for Mass Communication students to enhance their interview skills and set themselves apart in the competitive job market.

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