Final year students from physiotherapy attend a CME on “Role of physiotherapy in critical care” at Marengo Asia Hospital, Faridabad

Physiotherapy is an essential component in the management of patients admitted to the Intensive
Care Unit.  The faculty of physiotherapy gave an opportunity to the final year physiotherapy students to
attend a CME on “Role of physiotherapy in critical care” at Marengo Asia Hospital, Faridabad on
Wednesday 24th May, 2023.
A total of 40 students in the BPT final Year along with two faculty members Dr. Sonia and Dr. Aditi who
are specialized in Cardiopulmonary disorders went to attend the CME. The University bus departed from
the premises at 9:30 am and reached the venue at 12:00 pm. Dr. Himanshu Devan, Asst. Director and
Head Dept of Critical Care Medicine, Marengo Asia Hospital, Faridabad inspired the participants by
explaining the importance of physiotherapy and physiotherapists in ICU setup. Sir also highlighted
the expectations of an intensivist in the critical care unit.
Dr. Kapil Chauhan, HOD, Dept. of Physiotherapy explained all the various advanced techniques a
physiotherapist must know and practice. Students were happy to understand how they can
customize the treatment plan of a patient admitted in critical care. Sir discussed multiple case
studies with the students and explained how to maintain lung volumes, improve oxygenation and
ventilation, optimize clearance of secretions, and treat the deconditioning of musculoskeletal
Dr. Sonia and Dr. Aditi thanked the organizers for inviting and enlightening the students about
critical care. Overall, it was a knowledgeable experience for the students.

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