Juvenile’s Father and Pub Employees Remanded in Police Custody Following Pune Car Accident

Reported by Ravi


In a significant development, a sessions court in Pune has placed the father of a 17-year-old boy involved in a fatal car accident, along with two employees of Black Club pub, into police custody until May 24.


Background of the Incident:
The incident, which occurred early Sunday morning, involved a high-speed Porsche allegedly driven by the teenager. The car struck a motorcycle at the Kalyani Nagar junction, resulting in the deaths of two young riders, both aged 24. Before the crash, the teenager had reportedly consumed alcohol at Black Club pub.


Legal Actions:
The boy’s father, a prominent real estate developer, and the pub employees, Nitesh Shevani and Jayesh Gavkar, were presented before Additional Sessions Judge S.P. Ponkshe. The father faces charges under Sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act for neglecting his child and allowing him access to alcohol. The pub employees are accused of serving alcohol to an underage person.

According to the FIR, the father let his son drive the car despite knowing he didn’t have a driving license and permitted his drinking habits. The police are investigating why the father allowed his son to drive the unregistered car and why he fled after the accident.


Court Proceedings:
The prosecution argued for a seven-day police custody, emphasizing the need to explore the father’s actions and to find out who facilitated the juvenile’s entry into the pub. They also intend to locate the father’s other phones as he was found with a basic phone during his arrest.

The judge, after hearing the arguments, granted police custody for the three accused until May 24.


Additional Notes:
The Juvenile Justice Board has issued a notice to the boy, requiring his appearance on Wednesday to reconsider his bail, following a police petition.

This case highlights serious issues of underage drinking and parental responsibility, prompting an in-depth police investigation into the circumstances leading to the tragic accident.

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