KONNECT Entertainment Faces Closure as Artists Depart

Reported by Riya Garg


KONNECT Entertainment, founded by K-pop star Kang Daniel, is on the brink of shutting down. According to an exclusive report from Star News, all the artists under the label are leaving or have already left.

Yuju ( former g-friend), who joined KONNECT in September 2021, ended her contract in mid-April. The dance team WE DEM BOYZ, who signed on in November 2022, decided to leave a year later. They announced their intention to terminate their contract in November 2023 and have been going through the process. Singer and producer Chancellor has also parted ways with the company.

Kang Daniel, who serves as both CEO and artist, formed KONNECT in June 2019. However, he is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the company’s majority owner, who holds a 70% stake. Kang Daniel is suing this individual for falsifying documents and embezzling funds. Consequently, he plans to step down as CEO and leave the company once his contract ends in early June.

With all its artists gone and only about 20 employees remaining, KONNECT Entertainment is expected to close. The company’s building in Gangnam’s Sinsa neighborhood has already been emptied out.

This marks the end of an era for KONNECT Entertainment, which once stood as a promising independent label in the K-pop industry.

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