SGT College of Pharmacy organized a one-day educational visit to the Sunder Nursery.

The Herbokon Association, under the aegis of the SGT College of Pharmacy, organized a one-day educational visit to the Sunder Nursery on Friday. The tour was attended by 35 students from various programs, including Pharm.D, B.pharm, and D.Pharm. The event was aimed at discovering various medicinal plants and studying their therapeutic properties, while also providing practical knowledge and skills to students. The tour was led by Dr. Farah Deeba and Mr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, along with Ms. Diksha from the Herbokon Association team. The student coordinators for the event were Arshnoor Kaur, Vivek Kumar, and Aditya Sheoran. Sunder Nursery is a 16th-century heritage park complex adjacent to the Humayun’s Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Delhi near Nizamuddin National Zoological Park, Sundar Nagar. It consists of 4500 trees, 54 varieties of flowers, 30 areas of biodiversity zones, 80 bird species, 40 butterfly species, and 20 acres of nursery beds. The location was chosen for the educational visit because of its varied variety of herbs and propagating trees, testing species brought from other parts of India, and its formal landscaped gardens and informal biodiversity zone. The site provided a wholesome and enriching experience to its diverse visitors. During the visit, the students were able to collect herbariums of various medicinal plants, which will be compiled to build a digital herbarium book. The book will include details of the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of each plant, providing a valuable resource for future studies.

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