SGT University Organizes Workshop On Problem Solving Skills

The Faculty of Commerce and Management organized a workshop at SGT University on Tuesday. The topic of this workshop was “Problem Solving-Future Proof Skill that cannot be Automated”.

Welcoming the students and faculty members, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr RK Mitra, advised the students to expand their horizon of thoughts to embrace frontier pushing innovations.

The Dean, Dr Rajesh Arora exhorted the students to understand the technology-driven new rules of the game.

The eminent speaker, Mohit Jhurani, who is the founder of Base Camp Skills, enlightened students about the business problem-solving and how data analytics effectively helps businesses to overcome the new challenges.

He emphasized the importance of lateral and critical thinking skills and its application in problem-solving. Meanwhile, Jhurani also took questions from the students and answered them about the future challenges. He also shared different ideas with the students and how to find quick solutions to the problems.

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