SGT University’s Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology Empowers Students with Goal Orientation Workshop by Soft Skills Trainer, Alka Wahi

SGT University’s Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology recently organized an insightful workshop on goal orientation for its students. The workshop was conducted by renowned soft skills trainer Alka Wahi, aimed to equip students with essential skills to enhance their interview proficiency while fostering a sense of clarity and purpose in their professional pursuits. The highly anticipated event witnessed an overwhelming response from the students, who eagerly gathered to gain valuable insights from Alka Wahi’s vast expertise and knowledge in the field of soft skills training. With her dynamic presentation style and engaging content, Wahi effectively captivated the student’s attention from the onset, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and receptiveness. During the workshop, Alka Wahi delved into various aspects of goal orientation, providing students with practical strategies and techniques to channel their efforts toward achieving their objectives. Through her interactive sessions, She stressed the significance of setting clear and measurable goals, emphasizing the importance of aligning personal ambitions with professional aspirations. Students were encouraged to explore their passions and develop a roadmap to success, ensuring a well-defined direction in their career journeys. One of the key highlights of the workshop was her comprehensive guidance on enhancing interview skills. Recognizing the critical role interviews play in securing employment opportunities, she imparted valuable knowledge on effective communication, body language, and the art of presenting oneself confidently and convincingly. Students were enlightened on the nuances of crafting impactful resumes and cover letters, enabling them to stand out amidst stiff competition in the job market. The session also provided a unique opportunity for students to address their queries and concerns directly with Alka Wahi. With her patient demeanor and expert advice, She offered valuable insights and personalized suggestions to assist students in overcoming their interview-related apprehensions and challenges. The interactive Q&A session fostered a nurturing environment, allowing students to gain further clarity and develop a deeper understanding of the workshop’s content. Furthermore, the workshop incorporated various interactive activities, ensuring an immersive learning experience for the students.

The successful workshop on goal orientation by Alka Wahi undoubtedly served as a catalyst for the student’s personal development and career advancement. SGT University’s Faculty of Mass Communication and Media Technology continues to foster an environment of excellence, empowering its students to become competent and goal-driven professionals in the media industry.

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