Shri Krishna Ayush University Gives Another Chance To Students

Chandigarh, November 11- Shri Krishna Ayush University of Haryana has given a mercy chance to first and second-year students of D-Pharma Ayurveda to pass the examination, including the maximum examination opportunities received in four years.

The examinations of the eligible candidates will be held as per the scheduled time. The date of giving the examination will be released in the coming days by the University. Its notification has been uploaded on the University website. The University spokesperson said that the rules of Re-appear in D-Pharma Ayurveda have been amended. Earlier, in a two-year diploma, the students had to complete the course within four years, and for that, the students were allowed to pass re-appear twice. Along with this, keeping in mind the welfare of students, the rules have been implemented from the 2018-19 batch. The University in the rules has made the provision to give mercy chance to the students under special circumstances even after completion of four years.

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