Department of Nutrition and Dietetics holds seminar

Nishtha Roy

The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at SGT University offered undergraduate and graduate students a wonderful opportunity to participate in a seminar that was arranged by the department director, Dr. Barkha Bhatnagar. On September 28, it was held on the third level of Cblock Auditorium On the occasion of National Nutrition Month.

The primary goal of the event was to raise awareness about the benefits of a balanced diet and the usage of natural foods for the wellbeing of mothers and children. The dignitaries lit the lamp to begin the lecture, the topic for the same was “Role of Traditional Foods in Women and Child Health”
The welcome speech was delivered by Prof. M. Ejaz Hussain, Dean of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. In his speech, Prof. Ashok Kumar, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, focused on the agricultural aspects of growing traditional foods and also highlighted a variety of traditional foods that were once consumed and their potential benefits for modern lifestyles.
The chief dietitian of Asian Hospital in Faridabad, Ms. Shilpa Thakur, provided information on the value of traditional cuisines for women’s health. She stressed the function and significance of each micronutrient during every period of a woman’s life. The audience heard from Ms. Binu Bhatia, Senior Nutritionist, Steadfast Nutrition, Noida, who discussed strategies for treating women’s protein deficiencies. She discussed the value of protein at every stage of life. The Head Scientist at Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. in Sonipat, Dr. Neerja Hajela, educated the audience on the importance of probiotics for gut health. The quiz at the seminar, where winners received gifts from Steadfast Nutrition, was the most exciting activity. PVC Academics, Dr. Vikas Dhawan, honoured the graduation event with his presence. Prizes sponsored by Azzurra Pharmaconutrition Pvt. Ltd. were awarded to the winners of the recipe and poster competitions. All attendees at the seminar received a free sample of Yakult from Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. The show concluded with very useful insights for everyone present there. 

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