Faculty of Fashion and Design visits Radhika Exports

Fabrics are the very foundation of fashion design, offering a canvas upon which designers bring their creative visions to life. Each fabric possesses unique characteristics, from its texture and weight to its weave and drape, influencing the overall look and feel of a garment. In the world of design, fabric selection is paramount. Cotton, silk, wool, linen, polyester, and blends thereof offer a myriad of possibilities. Prints, whether hand-blocked, screen-printed, or digitally rendered, inject personality and narrative into designs. Textures, ranging from smooth and sleek to rough and textured, add dimension and appeal. Thread count, or the number of threads per square inch, determines the fabric’s quality, durability, and feel.

For fashion designers, fabric selection is more than just aesthetic; it’s strategic. The right fabric can enhance the silhouette, elevate the design concept, and evoke the desired mood or emotion. Moreover, understanding fabrics’ properties and limitations is crucial for achieving the desired fit, functionality, and durability of the final garment. In essence, fabrics serve as the building blocks of fashion design, enabling designers to translate their ideas into tangible creations that captivate the senses and resonate with their audience. As such, the importance of fabric selection cannot be overstated—it’s the very fabric of fashion itself.

Keeping the importance in mind, a visit was planned for B. Design (Third Year Batch 2021-2022) and the observations and learnings are as follows:

Radhika Exports is a shop in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. This shop is famous for the latest collection of fabrics spread on three floors as

  1. Ground Floor: Plain Fabrics
  2. 1st Floor: Brocades, Embellishments and Embroidery
  3. 2nd Floor: Block Prints and Screen Prints


Students learned about 50 different fabrics spread across all three floors. Each fabric was guided on its width, Price, and usability. Students were also made to learn about the GSM of the fabric.


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