The Faculty of Physiotherapy visits to the Balaji Nature cure Wellness Centre in Delhi

To acquire knowledge one must study, but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. Final year learners of the Faculty of Physiotherapy learned about naturopathy by visiting Balaji Nature cure Wellness Centre in Delhi on the 16th and 17th of February 2023. It has been established by Maharaja Agrasen Naturopathy and Yoga Sadhana Research Trust to offer various treatments for lifestyle and chronic disorders. 88 students and 4 teachers (Dr. Saurabh, Dr. Vinika, Dr. Aditi, and Dr. Sajjan Pal) visited and learned about ozone therapy, mud therapy, dry and steamed sauna bath, colon hydrotherapy, body detoxification, and yoga. Students also observed the physiotherapy setup of Balaji Nature cure Wellness Centre. All the departments had separate areas for male and female patients. Students observed every technique and patient’s prescription with keen interest and loved the positive environment as well as the satvik food provided by the center.

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