The Department of Public Health Dentistry organized Oral Health Screening and Treatment program at Village Faizabad, Gurugram.

The Department of Public Health Dentistry of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University
organized Oral Health Screening and Treatment program on 21 st April, 2023 at Village
Faizabad, Gurugram in collaboration with Reliance MET. The Dental team took initiative
under the guidance of Dr. Shourya Tandon (Prof. & Head and Associate Dean). The Dental
team was headed by Dr Meenakshi Chopra (Associate Professor) along 2 Postgraduates Dr.
Ayushee (Periodontics), Dr. Vinnie (Endodontics) and 7 Interns Diksha, Livanshi, Mansi,
Asha, Garima, Amit and Gaurav) and 2 attendant Mr Darshan and Mr Sunil.
The event started at 10:30 a.m. and continued until 2:00 p.m. A screening of 73 patients was
done, which included 40 males and 33 females, of which 23 patients were treated (22 Oral
Prophylaxis and 1 Restoration) in the mobile dental van at the camp location. Patients who
required advanced treatment were referred to Dental Hospital in SGT University. Post
Graduate students and Interns verbally explained how to keep the oral cavity healthy, the
effects of tobacco use on health, and the role of a balanced diet. Patients received an oral
hygiene kit with toothpaste, a toothbrush, and mouthwash. All the beneficiaries gave positive
feedback and appreciated the check up and treatment provided by the Dental Team. They
acknowledged the way the Dental team heard and attended to their problems with
compassion and were appreciative of the oral health education and counselling disseminated
to them. The purpose of the dental camp was to create awareness in the community towards
the importance of oral health.

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