WHO’s Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan says vaccine is working but situation may worsen if strictness along with precaution not taken

SGT Times Reporter

New Delhi, December 16

Corona’s new variant Omicron is spreading at a faster speed. So far 73 cases of this deadly virus have been reported in the country. Talking to the media, WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said that Omicron is spreading faster than Delta. Where Delta was spreading from 1 to 4 people, this virus is spreading from 1 to 10 people. In view of this, it is feared that the burden on hospitals may increase in the coming days along with the number of patients.

Is the vaccine effective on the new variant or not? What kind of situation it will lead to in India? Will there be a third wave in the country? She also gave her opinion on these questions.

According to Swaminathan, at the time when Delta was spreading, up to 70% immunity was gained in people. Tests were being done on a large number. Now the number of tests had decreased. In view of the current scenario, it can be said that if the government does not take strict action, the number of patients can increase in the coming days. However, it is a matter of relief that only one death has been recorded, she said.

She expressed concern when asked whether Omicron can increase the death toll in India? With a heavy voice, she explained- “In the case of Delta variant, 80% were getting mild illness and 20% were suffering from severe illness only 1%of the people were dying.

She said if the number of patients keep increasing along with there is community transmission in the country then the death toll may increase.

About the effect of vaccine on the virus, Swaminathan said that from the cases that have come so far it is clear this virus is being found in people who have taken the vaccine. Many people in Europe who have taken booster doses, have also been infected. Although they have not become very seriously ill. This indicates vaccine is doing its job. In India more than 60% of people have received their first dose about 40% of the people have taken their second dose in this context vaccination should be increased further However not much research has been done yet so nothing can be said only precautions can be taken.

Research is being done about how it is spreading in which country and what is its nature. Whether the third wave will come or not, or when will it come. Let’s not fall into these questions instead prepare ourselves to be strict from now onwards and start preparations only then it can be dealt with effectively.

Last but the least, she said people have to understand that Corona is not going anywhere so soon.

The most effective way to avoid infection is that we have to be really careful. Local-level statistics will have to be monitored, social distance to be maintained masks will have to be used only then we can be protected.

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